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Senator Bomet advises guardians to spend in their kids education while they are working or they will

Many tales are really tragic, while some are humorous, but in the end, the victims opted to turn the lemon into lemonade, thus something positive came out of their experiences. All of this can be related to Bomet Senator Christopher Andrew Langat, who told a funny story about how he finished school despite of having parents who did not respect education. Per the legislator, he enrolled in class one while he was 11 years old, owing to a chief who proclaimed war on children who did not attend school.

I tell you I had never seen my mother tensed the way I saw her that day, being a dunked she used to be careless, but on that day she told us the new chief was not a joke thus we should will should find a way of hiding so that he can not see us loitering," he added. 

The leader was enthusiastic about education. Addressing to children in his county, the legislator tried to hide for a few days, however the chief found them fishing, claiming they run to a neighbouring school and inquired about class one.

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Bomet Christopher Andrew Langat


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