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How Geniuses Think Differently From The Rest

Geniuses are very different from the people who are unlike them. Sometimes, they are hated, coerced, and misunderstood by those who are different from them. Some even end up criticizing them that they weren't supposed to get such wisdom. However, they are always admired by many. Though among the many few would admit it, it's true everyone desires to be a genius too.

Arthur Schopenhauer said that talent can hit a target that no one else can but a genius hits a target that no one else can see. This proves that it is not what geniuses think that makes them geniuses but how they think.

When a genius and a normal person are placed in a room to perceive certain things, then there would be differences in terms of point of view and perceptions. Both normal and geniuses have perceptions but it is how we perceive, that makes us geniuses or normals in terms of the intelligence quotient.

Even the smallest thing that is regarded as simple and unharmful, geniuses will always use different angles and dimensions of perception, to come up with different interpretations.


1. Geniuses are always productive. Though they are not perfect as you may think, indeed, they do not allow failure to deter them from trying over and over again until they get their desired effects. After getting their outcomes, they then work hard to improve on that.

2. Average people look at problems at an average of a unidimensional approach and then follow the simplest or easiest way to reach their goals. Genius uses an inductive approach to problems. This means that, even if they will get a simpler way of getting a solution, they will still work out to get other ways of solving the same problem.

3. Geniuses unlike average persons are good at visualizing. The more they visualize, the more answers they get to a solution.

4. Genius is good at establishing connections between disparate topics. This ability to gain a connection between disparate topics helps in the invention of new things. This is achieved due to the positive set of imagination.

5. These people always let their minds go wild. This allows them to think completely in different ways. This ability allows to unlocking new dimensions where relationship between things and things can be achieved.

It is true that not everyone can be or is a genius, and not everyone is going to be one. However, if you want raise your creativity, and your smart ness, try out these pointers and see for yourself how wondrous they truly are.

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Arthur Schopenhauer


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