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Why TSC Has Deregistered 43 Teachers, Tutors To Pay A Fine Of Ksh100000 If Found Teaching.

The teachers Service Commission is Constitutionally mandated to register, hire, Promote and excercise disciplinary Control over teachers.

The Commission's disciplinary process starts with warnings, show course letters Interdictions and finally deregistration.

Depending on the gravity of the offence, the Commission may Interdict a teacher immediately pending hearing and determination of the case.

Interdicted teachers operate on half pay until their matter is resolved whereby they are given opportunity to defend themselves.

If they win, they are reinstated back to the service, otherwise they are sacked and later on deregistered.

This is the fate that befell 43 teachers whose cases have been on since 2020 and were found guilty of perpetrating various offences majorly having carnal knowledge of their students.

The action against the 43 was taken in September and was yesterday officially published in Kenya gazette.

Deregistered teachers will not be required to teach in any school and if they are found teaching, they will have to pay a fine of ksh 100000 on spend two years in jail in leu of the fine or both.

The worst affected counties are those in ASAL areas where girls lack basic necessities hence vulnerable to sexual relationships with adults in exchange for money to buy sanitary pads.

Last year, 30 teachers lost their jobs when the Commission cracked the whip on errant Teachers most of whom were involved in relationships with their students.

In 2019, the Commission interdicted 42 teachers for failure to attend competency based curriculum (CBC) training and also for disrupting the ongoing training excercise.

Do you think the Commission's disciplinary process is fair? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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