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Egerton University Medical Students Issues This Information As The Covid 19 Third Wave Hits Hard

Egerton University Medical Student councils have continually been striving to sensitize students on the Covid 19 pandemic. They have done this with the help of the University to ensure all the students are safe from contacting the disease. As the third wave is hitting hard, the student union has released the following statement to warn and teach other students in the university and across the country.

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COVID-19 situation in Kenya has evolved since the first case was reported last year. So far, we have over 120,000 cases and 2,000 deaths. We are currently in the third wave of the disease. As observed this wave is highly infectious with high mortality rate. 


On 3rd March 2021, Kenya received approximately 1 million vaccine doses of Astra Zeneca vaccine. We appreciate the effort by the University to ensure Faculty of Health Sciences students are vaccinated. We would ask for hastened efforts to ensure that this is delivered at the beginning of semester 2 on 9th April, 2021. As a committee we advocate that the vaccine would be given in two phases;

Source: Egerton Medical students memo

Phase 1: Clinical years - Nakuru town campus college with approximately 400 students. 

Phase 2: Pre-clinical years - Njoro main campus with approximately 800 students.

There is concern over the hesitancy of some students to get the vaccine. We ask you to dispel myths and encourage even the general population to overcome the hesitancy.


There has been grave concern about reluctance of students in both campuses in observing measures to contain the spread of the virus. Reports of students spotted without masks and failing to wash their hands while entering the faculty are disheartening. These acts put the non–teaching staff, lecturers and our colleagues at continued risks. We therefore ask that you observe the following measures.

1. Wash your hands as you enter the faculty premises.

 2. At all times wear your masks properly. Both in and out of the university premises.

3. Do not enter the faculty or attend classes with your lab coats and scrubs on."

The information above is sourced from a memo released by the Egerton University medical students organizations. Like, share and comment below. Follow the guidelines and stay safe.

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