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The New Education System In The Kenyan Domain

Education, will shape the future generation and that is why in Kenya, the government decided to introduce the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), to replace the old education system that is the 8-4-4 system. In the CBC system it focuses more on the learners acquiring real life skills and knowledge, rather than cramming content from text book in subjects, that will definitely not benefit the learners in future as they will not use it anywhere in their lives.

The government realized that most learners in the old educations system performed very well but they were not equipped with the life skills. This new system, will make the learners self-conscious and aware of themselves and what they actually want to achieve in life, from a young age and that will enable them to be self employed instead of being unemployed in this already difficult economy to get a good job. In the new education system, Parents and Guardians should expect that the students will not be required to pass a certain mark in order to be qualified for the next class but, they will seat for an assessment test in order to know how well they understood the topics or rather subjects that they were thought in the previous class. 

This will enable, the teachers discover where the learner is most interested in and shape their learning curve towards that particular direction. Using this new system the learners will be expected to spend two years in pre-primary, three years in lower primary, three years in upper primary, three years in lower secondary and at least three years in the higher education that is the university.

This new education system is still a new thing and Kenyans should be patient as they adapt to the new changes. Change is never easy and thus it should be taken gradually and should not be rushed or its main purpose many not be attained.

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