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Secondary Education


Babu Owino offers 100% scholarship to Joel from Utawala

The member of Parliament of Embakasi East Babu Owino is among the educated people in Kenya. Today on sunday 24th he has shown how he values of education by sponsering Joel.

Joel who is from Utawala will be able to join High school late than other students who are in their second term. He could not join form one because her mum did not have ways to raise her school fee. He will join Utawala secondary school.

"I gave 100% scholarship to Joel from Utawala who will join form one tomorrow at Utawala secondary school. Joel could not join form one because her mother have no means to raise his fee" wrote Babu Owino in his tweeter account.

abu Owino went ahead to advice Joel to work hard as he did to achieve the level of education he has attained.

" Me in class 5 eating books like yam. Now i have 4 degrees . First class owners in Actuerial science , second upper class division in LLB law and 2 masters degrees. Keep the faith and trust the process...God in it " wrote Babu Owino.

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