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Least Selected Courses By Kenyan Students.

Many students have disregarded some courses offered in universities due to various reasons. However, all courses are marketable but there are others that have high employment rates than other. 

1. Bachelor of sports science. Students are taught about coaching, fitness, physical education and sports management. Graduates end up becoming gym instructors and personal trainers.

2. Bachelor of philosophy. Despite that it an interesting course as it broadens ones thinking capacity, a good number of students are unwilling to pursue it.

3. Bachelor of anthropology and archelogy. Trainees are trained on the study of man, culture, languages and archaeological remains. It is becoming less as people and culture are constantly changing.

4. Bachelor of hospitality. It deals with things related to catering and hotel management. Some students ignore this course with an assumption that for one to undertake it they must have connection somewhere.

5. Bachelor of political science. Students are prepared on the functioning of governments and the political system. It is not a guarantee that one who pursue it will be able to express their political views.

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