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5 Top Reasons Why Most Students Drop Out Of University

From wherever you're reading this article, it's quite possible that you have come across or heard about someone who's dropped out of school. Dropping out is among the persistent problems affecting the education system worldwide. And it's linked to several reasons which end up encouraging and aiding a student to give up their education journey midway.

Today we'll focus on factors that cause university students to drop out of campus. Here are a few:

Financial problems

This is by far the most popular cause why most campusers fail to complete their education. University life comes with it's own share of costs left right and centre. While there are students loans and bursaries, not every needy student gets lucky acquiring them. Some avoid the loans due to the future burden of paying when employment is also not a guarantee.

It thus reaches a point where the student can't really afford the education. Some defer with the hope of hustling and saving to return to class later while others simply quit it all.


Too much of something is poisonous. The same applies to truancy. As opposed to junior and highschool, in the university you don't really have teachers to push you around and keep track of one's performance, discipline and class attendance. By that age it's assumed that the student knows what's best for them. Hence, attending or skipping classes and lectures is always the student's personal choice. Missing one or two classes is understandable.

However, when one goes on a streak of truancy, it leaves them behind academically and disattaches the from the educational flow. Then there's a load of work the person has to recover. No wonder some people will give up and drop out.

Drug abuse

Drug and substances abuse is more common in the universities and colleges than any other educational institution. It's no wonder some students who were clean before become addicted at this stage. Drugs rob sanity and concentration out of any user. It's no surprise an addict will find it hard to keep track of their academic performance and drop out.


Unplanned pregnancies always take a huge toll on students. It's obviously hard for any lady to concentrate in class when she's expectant. On the other hand, pregnancies also affect the father, especially if he is caring enough to know he needs to take responsibility for the newborn. In a nutshell, getting pregnant while still in school is very challenging.

Peer influence

What happens when you have friends and close relatives who dropped out for one reason or another but ended up successful in the long run? What happens when they gave up education for all the right (or even wrong) reasons and it doesn't seem to affect them at all. You'll probably end up believing that a certificate is not a guarantee of success.

Peer pressure occurs in this way. You compare your journey with that of people close to you and end up making decisions based on those outcomes. Your peer's choices end up influencing your own. So, don't be surprised to come across a group of friends who all dropped out of school.

Other notable reasons include sickness, suspensions and expulsions, mental health problems, mouthwatering job offers, poor academic performance among others. Do you agree with the above sentiments? Let's know your thoughts by posting your feedback in the comments section below.

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