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"I Feared For My Life But Had No Option ", A Form One Narrates How He Walked 50Km To Be Admitted

A young boy by the name George Masinde has shocked many people after walking 50 kilometres to secure a slot at his dream school.

The boy is reportedly to have sneaked from his parents house at around 3a.m to embark on a long tiresome journey from Kona Mbaya junction to Kitale where the school is based.

Masinde had been admitted to St Joseph Boys School after he attained 370 marks in his KCPE exam.The student narrated that his decision to sneak at such an early hour was due to a sheer fright of loosing the life-time opportunity that he has always yearned to secure.

His efforts were fueled by his neighbours who had informed him that if he failed to report on August 2,Monday morning he would lose the slot.

"I feared for my life but thinking of my future life and career, I had no option but to take a walk,"Masinde narrated.He was in his former primary school uniform and wanted to make sure he could secure the slot no matter what came his way.

The principal to St.Josesp school Godfrey Owuor said he was shocked to have been visited by a young boy in tattered uniform in his office at such an early hour.However,pleased by the boy's determination to learn,he has urged well wishers to assist the boy in every way possible inorder to make his dreams come true.

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