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Primary Education


Fate of primary teachers.

The diploma course in teaching is a new design crafted to replace the now obsolete certificate in primary teacher education,P1.The ministry of education has done this in order to equip teachers with knowledge that is required for them to be able to teach competency-based curriculum.

With matter of fact teachers are not angry with this type of education but they are against the fact that they are supposed to go back to colleges one year and be equipped with the skills required to teach CBC.

The government has also changed the clustering of subjects.A student wishing to join teacher college are supposed to have attained a C plain in two languages, Mathematics, humanity and one science subject.This issue may lock away many students wishing to take teaching as a profession.

The government without considering that they are many P1 teachers outside who are unemployed ...they raise the issue of them going back to schools.Many of these teachers while they were in their two year course they survived through bursaries from the government while others loans from banks.

Although the government brait of guaranteed pass for those willing to upgrade as from this September 2021;TSC has no plans to recruit primary teachers and this has cast doubt on the destiny of many unemployed PTE certificate holders.

Many P1 teachers have families to take care of hence the upgrading of P1 certificate to Diploma might be challenge to them because the course shall be fully residential.Many women shall not able to take the course because they have duties to take care of in their homes.Hence many female teachers shall be jobless because the government shall not employ teachers without the diploma.

In order for the teachers with certificate to accept to go back to schools,they must be hired by TSC first before they think of phasing out this certificate

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