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The BoM Teachers Pay Delay:This is The Next Surprising Government's Tactful Approach(opinion)

The BoM teachers still remain to be loyal and patient for the fifth week in arrow.These teachers have suffered from March upto now going without pay.They have faced a hard life that non of them expected in their lives.

Having been promised their pay of ksh 10,000 per month for six months,the teachers knew that at long last,they had been rescued by the government.The fifth week is now ending with nothing in sight so far.It is believed that their details are still being verified by the TSC after which they will be released for the pay to be effected.This is just the teachers' minds but the reality lies with the government.

The government is likely to be using diversionary tactics to play around with the teachers' minds.If it is true that it meant good for these teachers,how long does it take to do this verification?The quick response by TSC to announce vacancies has again silenced the teachers for some time.

At the moment,the government is talking about re-opening of schools in a few weeks time.It is obvious that once the schools are re-opened,the teachers will be in the hands of the schools.This will definitely mean that the government will not pay them.

With all these chronological events unfolding in the Education ministry,the best option that the government will use will just be choosing to keep quiet and meanwhile concentrate in preparing the schools for re-opening.The teachers should not expect this money so much as it can fail to be paid by the same Government that promised to pay it.

The writer is an Educationist and a freelance Journalist

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