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Why Most Students Nowadays Prefers Diploma Courses Compared To Degree

The majority of students nowadays prefers diploma courses over degree programs because diploma courses takes short duration thus making students to avoid bad debts that may results from accumulation of HELB loans.Besides it give them opportunity to enter job markets at early stages thus compete favourably.

The diploma courses are cheap thus making them to maximize profits at a lower cost.Besides employers also prefers diploma holders since they work best under no close supervision since in colleges there are restrictions of freedoms unlike universities.

Diploma programs have three semester in each academic year thus students learns into details thus acquiring more skills unlike degree programs where there only two semesters after which students go for long holidays.

Exams in diploma courses are Knec based thus the lecturers are forced to cover all the curriculum since the exams covers all the required content while in degree exams are set by lecturers and only covers what lecturer have taught.

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