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Lower Schools Should Remain Closed Until Corona Cases Reduces As Tertiary Students Reopen(Opinion)

Seventeen days have gone since the closure of face to face learning and teaching in all Kenyan teaching and learning Institutions with exception of medical institutions and students sitting for National Examinations due to rapid increase of corona virus cases in Kenya.

Education sector has been actually affected by corona virus pandemic since last year March.My opinion is that as the fight against corona continues, school reopening should be considered in phases.The covid-19 spreading rate is actually unpredictable as it varies on daily basis,but from the study of the curve,we can observe that the third wave is at its peak.

My opinion is that tertiary students should be allowed first as others still wait for the corona virus curve to atleast flatten.My opinion is based on the following reasons, tertiary students are grown ups that is most of them are adults thus they are able to adhere and strictly follow the covid-19 measures with or without anyone's supervision as compared to other students and pupils.

Secondly,most tertiary students resides outside school compounds thus unnecessary congestion can be easily minimized as compared to primary pupils and secondary students.We should also note that all the students should be vaccinated before going back to school.

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