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Crucial Information From Teachers Service Commission (TSC)To Over 16,000 Teachers

Teachers Service Commission is the only commission that is independent and responsible with the hiring, promoting and remuneration of teachers in the country.

According to the latest reports, about 16,000 teachers who stuck with the giant teachers Union, The Kenya National Union of Teachers, TSC has now revealed that over 16,000 teachers who missed phase three and four of the previous CBA will now have a reason to smile to their bank accounts.

According to reports, the arrears will be backdated 2 years (2019 and 2020) to the affected teachers who are drawn from grade C1 to grade D1.

The signing of the new 2021- 2025 CBA required the Union to review its age-old 1968 Recognition Agreement which seems to have spoilt relations between the union and the teachers' employer thus culminating in the unlocking of the payments that had been a source of bad blood between the two institutions.

The same information was relayed to today's Daily Nation Newspaper where teachers are expected to have a salary pay boom together with other civil servants in the country.

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