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Top Performing Schools In Rift Valley

Kapsabet boys

Kapsabet Boys is a giant in the rift, for years it has managed to rub shoulders with other renowned national schools in Kenya. It has managed to produce top students, top politicians, high end business people and not to forget , Quality Citizens.

Moi Kabarak high

Kabarak is an echo of its name. Let me give you an assignment, go search for the meaning of the name Kabarak. It has stood the test of times since its inception. It has made and it would continue making career fit student. It is a top performing school but heartbreakingly it is a preserve for the rich.

Litein High School

This is one of the biggest schools academic wise in all of the rift. It is indeed a powerhouse as potrayedin their bus. It is a school known far and wide, a force indeed to reckon. It has managed to shape academic geniuses for decades and hopes are even higher that it would continue doing the same.

Moi Girls Eldoret

It is one of those girls schools you would like to associate with. It is a school found in the heart of Eldoret town. It is known for its characteristic good performance by them beautiful girls. In academic the school is of course overated,, they indeed deserve the exhaultation.

Moi Tea Girls

This school has for years been in everyone's lips, it has for years performed exemplary well. It has been able to register static good performance not swayed by the turbulence of times.

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