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Hilarious Assignments That CBC Has Made Pupils Do (PHOTOS)

The CBC (Competency Based Curriculum) is an education system that has been in practice since 2017. Even though the initiative was meant to bring desirable changes to the education system, it has receive numerous critics across the country. Over the previous two weeks, there have been thousands of hilarious photos on the curriculum. Below is a collection of the top trending photos.

1) The Scare Crow Assignment

The pupils in grade 4 were asked to make scare crows as part of their assignment for their Agriculture subject. The results were hysterical as some of the pupils had never seen or heard of scare crows before. The following are some of the hilarious outcomes of their projects.

2) Cooking Classes At Grade 4

The Grade 4 pupils actively participated in cooking classes which were conducted in their respective schools. Many parents complained on how the curriculum was expensive as they were to provide the pupils with the cooking ingredients. The following are some photos of the pupils preparing chapati in class.

3) "Early Marriage"

Grade 4 pupils were asked by their teachers to act out a wedding ceremony. Some amazing pupils did the hilarious act which was caught in several photos as displayed below. The following are some of the hilarious photos.

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CBC Competency Based Curriculum Scare Crow Assignment


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