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Top 5 Beautiful Photos Of The Oldest Islamic University In The World.

Universities are higher learning institutions. As the name suggests, universities allows administration of students from different corners of the world. They offers different degree and diploma courses at different undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In this article article I will vividly describe the oldest Islamic university in the world. Islamic universities are higher learning institutions where Islamic laws are learnt.

University Of Al-Qarawinyyin.

The University of Al-Qarawinyyin is one of the oldest Islamic universities in the world. It was founded in 859CE by a young princess from North Africa, Tunisia known as Fatima Bint Muhammad Al-Qurashiya.

This university is located in Morocco, West Africa. It begun as a small Muslim school where students were taught Islamic laws through madrasas. Gradually, different curriculums were introduced into the university. The curriculum mainly included Geometry, Astronomy, Music, Arithmetic, Logic, Rhetoric and Grammar.

The teachers who taught at Al-Qarawinyyin University were mainly sheikhs, Islamic religious leaders who is authorized to teach, initiate and guide aspiring dervishes in the Islamic faith. The teachers used the holy Quran as their main reference book. Below are the photos of Al-Qarawinyyin University.

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Fatima Bint Muhammad Al-Qurashiya Islamic Morocco Tunisia University Of Al-Qarawinyyin


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