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Teachers From 28 Counties to Prepare For Two More Lessons Per Week For a New Piloted Subject

The Government's decision to change the curriculum from 8.4.4 system to the current is aimed at seeing that all the learners in the country get that special education that will equip them with skills in life.The outgoing system has been accused of promoting rote knowledge through the examinations rather than skills.

The parents are still however feeling the pain in the process of implementation of the new Curriculum.They have been crying about the expensiveness of the curriculum.However,the Government is supplementing where necessary.

Some teachers from 350 public schools are set to get some trainings based on the indigenous languages.The Government has already identified the 350 schools from 28 Counties that are set to be part of the piloting process.The schools have been instructed by Ministry of Education to create two more lessons per week for the subject.This means that the teachers from these identified schools for piloting will take two more lessons in every week.Coast region will have the highest number of selected schools.The schools should prepare for the piloting as reported by Education Digital.

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