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5 Things Every Campus Girl Should Avoid [PHOTOS]

University life is a period that most people never forget. After several years of hardcore life in highschool, one finally gets the chance to explore the world without much restriction. There's freedom, friends, some cash and a whole lot of experiences to try out. Campus girls get a good portion of these experiences. For most of these ladies, life comes at them like a rollercoaster ride, too fast for some to control.

However, some of the decisions one makes in this era have the potential to affect one's later life. As a lady, if you want to graduate without much drama, you will have to let go off some behaviours. Here are top 5 things you should avoid if you're a girl in campus:

1. Excess Partying

Parties in campus are thrown as frequently as the sun rises from the East. The ladies always find themselves in the middle of these parties. A bash can be organised as early as a Monday afternoon to take off the steam for a week that hasn't even started. Drinks will be served, music played alongside one or two other crazy happenings. While these are great moments of making friends and relaxing, too much of partying is poisonous to one's academic concentration. So the next time you're invited to a bash, think twice.

2. Relationships

In campus, it's very easy to fall into a relationship unknowingly. An average campus girl, when not careful, will get in and out of a relationships as frequently as she changes her hairstyle. There is always boy-girl drama sprouting somewhere in the university.

Some people have been lucky enough to find their soulmates in the university grounds.The bad side of a relationship comes when things don't work out. Breakups may be quite nasty and take a toll on the partners. The lady suffers a lot most of the time. Therefore, with relationships, one needs to be very careful.

3. Too much Pills

With parties and relationships, it's no wonder some will engage in some impromptu unprotected intercourse. When the unexpected happens, certain measures are taken to prevent the girl from getting pregnant.

This is where the pill comes in. The small tablet works wonders. However, too much of this pills have a negative effect on the health of a woman. When taken in higher doses, these pills can cause cramps, nausea, vomiting and headaches. They also mess up with one's blood levels and can even alter the menstrual cycle.

4. Dishonest Hustles

Money makes the world go round. Indeed, it also makes campus life sweeter and more bearable. Being broke is quite bad. Just like campus dudes, the girls also know how to hustle and earn an extra coin. When it comes to hustling, don't forget what took you to university. Prioritise your studies. Secondly, do honest hustles. The end must no always justify the means. Avoid crafty ways like gambling, Ponzi schemes, sugar daddies etcetera.

5. Exam cheating

So you've had a pretty long semester and exams are approaching. But no matter how hard you try to concentrate, the brain refuses to cooperate. This is where the infamous "Mwakenya" comes in. Most students will do anything there is to ensure they pass the exam. Desperate times always call for desparate measures, but in campus, it's not worth it to risk one's academic integrity. Avoid exam cheating at all costs. You may never have a second chance.

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