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Humiliating experiences in campus For 'Freshers'

Joining a university has been dream of many young stars who complete their form four's examination and obtaining an entry grade which makes them to secure a chance in any of the Kenyan universities either being private or public.

However, being admitted at the university is not a problem but the first encounters that one has to pass through might turn out to be tough.

Some of the experiences that might lessen the pride of a first year includes the following:

1. Eat as you pay routine: The incoming first years are not prone to buying food in their previous secondary schools, neither were not given money because the food budget was included in the paid fees. It's only in campus where competition of whose background is stable in terms of money shown through the purchase of luxury and expensive food.

2. Attending lectures of the unrelated courses: First years are not well conversant with the school's premises and may end up attending different lectures due to change of venues and bouncing of classes.

3. The notion ' fresher': The term 'fresher' has been used merely to mean something fresh or someone who is new in campus. It definitely describes innocence of the referred person which may lead advantage being made against him/her.

4. Catching up with campus mode of dressing: Mode of dressing do differs due to influence from peers or geographical location based on the developed culture among those people you find. Freshers find it difficult for them cope with the dressing challenge as they are forced to , they see it as a progress and there is a need to fit in.

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