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Students Surprise BoM, Burn Their School In Their Presence While In a Meeting Within The Compound

There has been panic among the parents whose children are in the boarding schools.These parents have had to leave in fear since they don't know how safe their children are in schools.The Buruburu Girls High School case is an eye opener to many schools especially the principals.

Schools have gone up in flames.The crash programs have been blamed for this.However,the students should understand that the programs are there for their own benefits and not any other person.After all,the state has been so due to Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

Students decided to burn their school in the presence of the school Board of Management.Kijabe boys high school students decided not to care about the Board meetong but instead torched their school in the presence of the BoM members in school.The students had to be sent home immediately after damaging their belongings.Luckily,no one was hurt in the incident.This comes at a time when the Government has already given the students half-term break from 19th November to 23rd November.

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