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Scheduled school reopening date stands

School have been closed for about three week. Luckily for the primary schools and secondary schools they had all done their exams and dispatched home for the holiday leaving the candidates to sit for their final exam. The primary level, that is KCPE, was done within a week and they now awaiting for the results. Form fours are still sitting for their exam.

 Those at home were not comfortable after the president declared that all school to be closed including the universities which meant that even the primary and secondary level had to await till two months to hear if they would be allowed to go back to school. Luckily CS Mangoha has said school calendar might not change since Covid-19 curves seems to be flattening. This implies that as scheduled, the schools will still re-open on MAY 10TH . It is relief to students and parents taking what happened last year no one would be happier if the students were stays at home longer. Last year the country recorded high number of school dropout and some of the reasons as to why the students dropped out are, pregnancy, pear pressure, lack of funds etc. Many girls were impregnated during in 2020 and by the time the schools were being reopened they were on their 8th or 9th month thus making it difficult for the students to go back to class. Some during the lock down were able to get jobs and as you know giving a student few dollars will totally disorient her or his mind. 

Taking that on 10th students might go back to school things might change at home. Girls will be more careful knowing that they have few days before they reopen the school and for the gents they know they have no way of earning taking that they will be going back to school. For those who had planned for more than two month will have to change their plans and parents have to prepare to pay next term school fees. This is all good for us for the economy will bump up and rate of living will go down.

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