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Revealed: Some Schools Have Stopped Giving Students Tea During Break As Others Reduce Food Quantity

A study by Nation Africa has revealed that most schools have stopped providing some aspects of meals within their schools. This has been necessitated by the fact that prices of commodities have risen incredibly while at the same time school fee has remained the same. That is of course via an order from the government. To make it worse, the government has barred the school's from sending students home for fee and therefore the school's are running on very huge debts. With the prices of flour, cooking oil and even maize going up, schools have been forced to look for alternative ways to cope up. Some schools have stopped providing some meal's like say tea during break, or bread during tea break. So the students have take the tea without escort.

Some schools have also reduced food quantity considerably for the students. This is not a good sign for the future. It is likely to impact on the general health of the students."Your student might come back home thinner" The writer adds.

Maize is used to make several meals. Githeri, ugali and also the uji taken in the morning in most schools. Sad times ahead.

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