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5 Ways university Comrades Make Money for Their Upkeep and To Support Their Families

Apart from academics, institutions of higher learning teach students responsibility in life. Comrades learn how to survive in the outside world while they are in campus and that is where many comrades get their life partners. On matters responsibility, many comrades have resolved to doing other things in campus to make more money alongside undertaking their studies. Below are some of the common jobs that comrades commonly do to make extra income currently.

1. Online academic writing

Online academic writing has become a, very lucrative industry since Corona virus rocked the world. Many University students utilize their academic knowledge to do online assignments and exams for foreign students.

2. Side Hustles

Many comrades usually notice income generating activities in areas around their campus and open up businesses like a Play station for gaming, a fast food joint and even setting up a clothes line. Other comrades resolve to doing room services where they sell their staff to other comrades at the comfort of their rooms.

3. Online investments

Many comrades have resolved to engaging in online investments like Forex and Bitcoin trade. Some of these ventures are very profitable if carefully invested but some are usually risky to invest in.

4. Doing CATS and assignments for other students.

There a new way of making money in many universities where some students with fat pockets offer the bright students their assignments and take away cats to be done for them. These assignments are usually done for a pay.

5. Conducting research.

Many comrades have found an avenue to make extra cash by helping in data collection for research being conducted by other parties. Comrades can also help the university conduct studies for a little pay.

There are many ways a comrade can make extra cash in campus as the above list is not conclusive.

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