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Pass your Kasneb exams(CPA,CIFA) by following these simple steps.

With no doubt Kasneb exams are the most challenging professional exams in Kenya and even CPA exams done international are not that simple. For one to complete a CPA or CIFA course you need to be patient,hardworking, consistent and not be easily derailed by a fail. Passing these exams requires rigorous studies and research. Here are some easy tips to pass your Kasneb Exams.

Start studying for your exams early.

Kasneb exams are done twice a year, May and November so as to give candidates enough time to prepare for the exams, the students are expected to take at least three(3) months of rigorous study before the date of their exams, do not wait until the last minute to start revising. Utilize the online kasneb study materials, The Random blogs and youtube videos might shade some light on concepts that you have problems with.

Having study partners

For those who do not have enough time for studies, maybe you are working or you are a parent. Having a group discussion partners would work very well with you since in the course of discussing you will get something new, form a group of at least three(3) members where you will assist one another in revision. Since no one knows everything.

Join a good college

Most students do read for themselves and do their personal studies for the exams, if at all you need to join an institute of Learning for Kasneb exams ,please join a credible college preferably those of which their lecturers set the Kasneb exams. There you'll be assured of getting the best education examples of these institutions are, The star college of Management, Strathmore University and KCA universities

Pass this exams and get your certificate of completion early by getting familiar with the kind of questions they set by getting through past papers, these will act as an eye opener for any candidate. They will give you Hint on how the concepts are tested in their papers

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