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Golden Advice For The Form One Students

Joining secondary schools is the most exciting moment in a child's life as it is the place where he/she will transition from childhood to adulthood. I remember when I was admitted in form one a few years ago & how difficult it was to adjust to the new changes especially the fact that I was far away from my parents & close family members. From my own personal experience, I would like to advice those who have joined form one on how to adapt easily to highschool life;

1. Participate in co-curriculum activities.

As much as you should take enough time to study in highschool, you should also participate in co-curricular activities. Join a drama club if you're good in acting, go for a trip, join a sports game you love among many others, this activities will keep your mind refreshed when you get back to class.

2. Learn from your mistakes.

As an adolescent you are prone to make mistakes in highschool, learn from this mistakes & find appropriate ways to avoid them. You will be punished for these mistakes. However you should not hate your teachers for correcting you, instead listen to their guidance, they will help you grow & become better.

3. Your KCPE marks doesn't matter, you can still achieve your dreams.

You got 350 marks or 250 marks in KCPE? After joining highschool it doesn't really matter. You are all given a fresh start, as you will all start from ground zero once again & yes you can still get a chance to attend your dream University, college, if you only dedicate yourself to attending classes, reading hard, attending preps, being organized by having a timetable & following teachers & staff guidance.

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