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Relevance of the CBC to both the country and the learners

Competency Based Curriculum is the new education system set to replace the 8-4-4 system of education which was earlier in the years a replacement of the 7-4-2-3 system of education in the year 1985. The 8-4-4 system of education has been practical and effective for the past years but a system of education loses its practicability even with it's much impact to the learners and the country as a whole which causes the great leap and need to change the system of the education system with the new ages emerging.

The CBC offers a lot of benefits not only to the learners but also the parents and the teachers as well as the country as a whole. This article provides just but a few of the outlined relevance of the new system of education in conjunction with the cooperation between the stakeholders concerned in the development and application of the same system in the learning situation:

1. It's flexible as it focuses on the individual learners and not all the learners in a classroom setting.

Competency based programs are very flexible as their structure depends on the individual learner. There is no rigid schedule in these programs, no set semesters and no classes. Instead, students guide their learning and control when and where they complete projects and assessments. CBC is also flexible in that it allows students to enter a program at any level where they are given credit for previous experience.

2. It's self- paced as it allows the pupils to learn and digest the content at their own mental speed.

The focus of CBC is on the final outcome and not the journey. This enables students to control their pacing because they are not confined by a set learning process. As soon as a student feels they can prove mastery, they can take an assessment, receive credit and start on the next material. Moving as slow or fast as they wish, students are able to complete a degree when they are ready. This is a huge benefit for independent and adult learners who may be working towards a degree around other schedules.

3. The system is very engaging when it comes to teacher, parent and pupil cooperation.

One of the strongest outcomes of competency based education is increased student engagement. Students are more engaged in the material because they have ownership over their learning. They are empowered because they have control over when, where and how they learn. CBC also promotes individualized learning and accommodates a variety of learning styles, making it a truly personalized experience. This experience increases engagement because content is tailored to each student and more relevant.

4. It is affordable interms of the cost of the learning materials and it's effectiveness.

The cost of competency based programs varies by institution, program and student pace. Many institutions have created CBC programs precisely as a strategy to increase learning and to lower the cost of education. In many institutions, the tuition depends on how long it takes a student to complete a degree. The faster a learner progresses through the material, the less expensive the program is. Since many CBC programs are offered online and leverage technology, operating costs are eliminated resulting in lower tuition fees.

5. Boosts and develops the closeness and good relationship between the learners and their guardians or parents.

Since most of the practical activities given to the learners by their tutors are to be done at home with the assistance of the parents and guardians,this develops good relationship between the pupils and their parents and their guardians and maintains it because most parents mostly find it hard to engage with their kids personally because of lack of good contact with their kids or the line of work that the parent is doing.

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