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How Do Top Students Study?

Believe me, it’s not only about studying.


1.If you are studying for some exam always read and solve the past year questions. this can be done even before starting preparation to get an idea about the demand of the exam.

2.Work very hard on your basics and fundamentals. this includes not just concepts of the topics but mastering 3Rs: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. mastering the art of fast reading will give you huge returns.

3.Hunger for learning: Whenever you are reading some article/book and find something which you don’t know , simply search it on google. but don’t stop at that. open all the related links too which are indirectly related to the topic. after reading, go to the google image section and find infographics. they helps in retaining things for long time.

4.Remember in clusters: This is most useful in learning facts/static things. e.g whenever you come across a new word, other than learning its meaning, do following things: find figure of speech, synonyms and antonyms, pronunciation etc . after doing it, this word will be permanently imprinted in your mind.

5.Note making: Always make a small note of everything you learn. for e.g after reading an article, try to summarise it in two lines and write it down. same goes with books: try to summarise the key message and learnings on a page.

6.Mindmaps: They are the best way to learn complex topics. instead of copying it directly from somewhere, try to make your own mindmaps. this skill can be easily mastered over time.

7.Images: If a relevant image can be found on the topic then attach it with your notes. draw it once if possible

Others includes:

1.They don't skip classes-They show consistency in class attendance.

2.They befriend the best in class-learn from the best performing students.

3.They adapt to the teacher- love the teacher unconditionally.

4.They start homework as soon as possible. Like the evening homework is given.

5.They ask questions for more understanding and clarification.

6.They listen to the lecturer keenly and attentively.

7.They are focused while at it.

8.They prioritize well enough. They do one thing at ago

9.They enjoy school. They are passionate in acquiring the knowledge from school.

10.They prepare for exams since the first day of courses.

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