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“I had To Work As A Floor Cleaner To Raise School Fees” Mike Gitonga Narrates

Former KTN news anchor Mike Gitonga struggled, so that he could go to school. Mike cleaned supermarket floor at night, and he would attend classes during the day.

Mike also stacked shelves at the supermarket, so that he could pay his own school fees. He didn’t mind the odd job which he was doing, because he focused on what he will get at the school. Many people are very lucky in Kenya, because they didn’t struggled to  get education.

Their parents or guardians were very able and supportive, therefore they took all the costs for their education. Mike's education history had a lot of challenges, but he managed to stay focus throughout that period.

Mike pursued a degree in electrical engineering at Nottingham university in the United Kingdom, and he was always focused. He loved handling gadgets. Mike's father never wanted his son to take a course which was not related to science, so he pressured him a lot in career selection.

Many parents in Kenya have styled up recently, because they are not forcing their children on career selections. Some years back parents would dictate what careers their children would take, and many of the children ended up failing in life.

It is very hard for a person to succeed in a career which he or she never had a passion in, and they always did them for their parents sake. Mike's father also did a course in  science, therefore he was a scientist.

Mike never wanted to become a news anchor in his life, therefore this opportunity came as an accident. He had went to one of the radio station, so that he could oversee the recording of an advert for his church.

The voice over artist was absent on that day, but Mike insisted that the work must be done. He decided to do it himself, but the owner of the radio station passed by and got interested in him. They organized a meeting, and the rest became an history.

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