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Good news to all Teachers as TSC has made the Following Applications easy

Unlike in the past where teachers who want to apply for transfer used to fill transfer letters then submit to the sub county education officers to be taken to TSC for verification, Teachers can now access the transfer service online which is effective, cheap and safe time.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has made the application for a teacher transfer very easy through use of teacher transfer portal. The application for transfer is now purely done online and there is no need of filling the manual transfer application form.

To apply for transfer a teacher can just login to TSC portal using the link then click request for transfer and proceed with the application.

The following information are required when filling the online transfer form:

1.Length of stay at present school

2.Length of stay in same subcounty

3.Reason for transfer

4.Details like TSC number

5 When is transfer required ?

6 County and sub county you want to transfer to

7.School you want to go then lastly your e-mail.

For your application to be successful you need to have valid and reasonable reasons on to why you need to transfer. These may include the following:

1.In case your parents are now old and you want to move closer to them you may apply for transfer

2. If their is high rate of Insecurity in your current place of work

3.If you want to move closer to your spouse who may be working in another place.

4.If you are sick and your medical condition will hinder your performance at current station.

5. If you have Overstayed in the same station for many years or more than ten years.

All successful applicants will be notified through email and issued transfer letters.

All teachers are encouraged to adapt the current changes in TSC in order to Improve service delivery and communication with teachers.

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