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Good News To University Comrades After HELB Makes The Following Announcement

In Kenya, pre-primary schools are typically where learning begins. The youngster is expected to spend two years in this level before moving on to elementary school, under the new CBC curriculum.

In the previous curriculum, known as 8-4-4, students spent eight years in elementary school before moving on to secondary education and then universities. However, students will only need to complete six years of primary education before transferring to junior secondary schools, per the new CBC curriculum. They will attend senior secondary schools after junior secondary school before enrolling in universities.

The Kenyan government, through the Higher Education Loan Board (HELB), has always offered loans to students who have earned university-level grades but are unable to pay their tuition.

In Kenya, a C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education used to be required for admission to universities (KCSE).

The government had been providing loans to students who were having trouble paying their university tuition. The government expects these loans to be repaid as soon as the students graduate and find employment.

The government has been taking these loans directly out of these students' paychecks ever when they start working.

Students who used HELB during their studies can now easily repay their loans through Mpesa services without having to wait for the deduction from their payslips, which is currently viewed as excellent news.

Students can now pay their loans through the Mpesa playbill 200800 and use theIr ID Number as the account number.

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