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KNUT Denies Tpd Information Circulating And Requires Teachers To Be Calm

Kenya national union of teachers have now denied that the information going round on media about tpd modules is a lie. It says those are the enemies of knit who are trying to bring it down completely.

Posting on it's official Facebook page, KNUT now says teachers needs to be calm as the issues raised are being handled.

KNUT being led by the secretary general Collins Oyuu signed Tpd modules with teachers service commission. In the modules teachers are supposed to be in class during holidays. They will learn in six modules. Each module takes five years. On top, teachers are supposed to cater for the expenses of learning the modules.

Parliament joined hands with teachers to demand the reasons why the modules were introduced. With the new communication now, KNUT is trying to explain to teachers that it's not involved even after they were physically present in the launching ceremony.

Teachers will have to wait until the matter is resolved to know the way forward. We wish them all the best. Thanks.

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