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Kisii University Second Year Students Suspended For Destroying School Property During Demonstrations

Comrades power is the most used slogan among university students especially when they want their issues to be addressed. Every time when misunderstanding happens between students and administration then these youngsters opt to raise voices through demonstrations. This is the only best possible way of articulating their grievances and make sure they're being heard. In such situations they cause a lot damages and bring streets to a standstill. 

Following this issue, comrades have set tension high in Kisii University. They've caused a lot of chaos and hostile attacks within the school grounds. This incident has greatly affected studies and at the moment the institution's peace is in danger. The reason for the strike and demonstrations is the fee increment which the school administration made without consultation. 

Second year students are said to be the main cause of these chaos. School senate has produced a memo suspending all the second years in main campus. The memo reveals that the mentioned students should leave halls of residence immediately. The temporary termination will last until further notice as they check on how the involved suspects will compensate the destruction of school property. First, third and fourth students will not be affected by this decision. 

Here's the memo. 

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