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Why You Must Learn Programming in 2022

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Dear reader,

It doesn't matter that you are a teacher, doctor, nurse, human resource officer, accountant, farmer, policeman, footballer or gym trainer,

Learn programming. It doesn't have to be at a proficiency level but master programming concepts. If you are a businessman running a shop, a kiosk, a barbershop, or a grocery shop, start familiarizing yourself with basic concepts in computer science.

Programming has become so popular over the past few years because any smart device needs code instructions to tell it how to operate and communicate with the outside world. In a world that is fast-moving and operating digitally, it would pay off to learn simple programming.

Did you know that some of the world's richest men learnt programming in their early years? Also, people who came up with the social media applications that we use and interact with today started by learning to program.

Ali Partovi, an Iranian-American entrepreneur, explains in this video that programming not only provides a career option but also creates a quintessential base for everyday life.

"For a few, it might lead to lucrative careers as so-called coders but for everybody, it will teach them how to think, how to imagine, how to create, it will provide a better understanding of the world and an indispensable foundation for life," he said.

Programming can be challenging but the good news is that you can be self-taught. You don't have to sit in college. You only need a computer and the internet. That's all. You don't need 8 hours per day. 3 hours are enough. If you concentrate for 3 hours daily, after 100 days, those are 300 hours! Is that impossible?

Don't spend your time, your internet resources and your attention on social media scrolling through mindless content that doesn't add value to your life. Learn a computer science skill. Be a man with a mission of building something.

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