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'I Sold Smokie-Kachumbari In Campus' Charlene Ruto Booed After Claiming This

Charlene Chelagat Ruto the daughter of President William Ruto has been trending for the better part of this evening after her talk with Students as she talked about her past life in campus.

Cherlene went on to state that when she was at Daystar University, she used to sell smokies with kachumbari and it sold a lot which is why she took up the business.

''I was in Daystar University, and smokie kachumbari was the only thing that was selling, I was encouraged to take up the small business...'' Charlene Chelagat Ruto said in the video posted on social media.

This has since attracted a lot of mixed reactions from Kenyans online as they argued that she is lying to the public since her father was already Kenya's Deputy President when she was on campus.

Charlene graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication from Daystar University in 2015 which means she was already from a wealthy family by the time she was at the University.

This begs the Question. Was she openly lying to the public?

Here are some of the varied reactions as posted by Netizens on social media in reaction to the video of Charlene.

Jayce Kevo, ''POV: Kila mtu akimake it ama aomoke in life inakuaga "I was living in the streets sijui nilikua hii..." So pathetic forsho 😂😂😂🚮.''

Nyerinic, ''😂😂unadhani watu ni wajinga.''

Opiyo, ''I do not understand the whole point of her wanting to prove to Kenyans that she was also a hustler yet we all know that she is the daughter of the President.''

Waithera Maina, ''hii haibambi😂😂 ile inabamba ni Ruto kuuza kuku😂.''

Joe Muchiri, ''😂 wa Kenya hamjali anyways alisomea majuu pia huko hakuna pasua 💀💀Daystar was kionjo.''

Polasha, ''ata kama baba yako alianza na kuuza kuku there's no way atakupeleka daystar uende kuuza smokie when he is the freaking deputy president of this country😂akuna buanaaa😂😂😂.''

Ikombe, ''We will only believe this if she has people to root for her.''

CLICK HERE to Watch the video.

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