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2021 Grading System Used In Kenyan Universities In Details

Just like in secondary schools and primary schools, in Kenyan Universities, the grading system highly depends on individual university examination rules and regulation below is how the grading is done for CATs and main exams in most of the universities, however it always varies depending on the cluster weight of the course.

70% and above -A (Distinction)

60% – 69% -B (Credit)

50% – 59% -C (Satisfactory)

40% – 49% -D (Pass)

39% – and Below -E (Fail)

For the final degree award,which is usually done during graduation after the following grading system is used, the system is in percentage ;

70 and above - First Class Honours

60 to 90 - Second Class Honours (Upper)

50 to 59 - Second Class Honours (Lower)

40 to 49 - Pass

40 and below -Fail

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