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Parent Moves To Court To Stop CBC, Cites Economic Burden

Once again, the compitency based curriculum (CBC) as understood by most of the parents, is where learning is based on the needs and potential of individual learners under a flexible framework and parameters that move and shift according to the learners' demands.

Since the introduction of this new system,parents have raised alot of concern stating the demerits of this system to their side.

Some has even based their argument on the tiresome load that the system has to their side.

Today, a parent has petitioned the High Court seeking to suspend further implementation of the Competency Based Curriculum for basic education.

According to High Court advocate Esther Ang’awa,the CBC curriculum has imposed an economic burden of procuring course books, learning materials and curriculum designs on children, teachers, parents or caregivers 'without regard to the real dynamics of the Kenyan population and the needs of the society.

Further details in her court document stated that the system and structure of education from 8-4-4 or the adoption of the CBC curriculum recommended to Education CS George Magoha and Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development by the National Assembly has not been put in place to date.

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