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5 Important Things to do During Coronavirus Pandemic

Opportunities always lie around us and if we are careful we will know how to utilize them.

Let’s get to it. Here are some fun and enriching ways you can spend your days at home until it’s safe to return to the outside world when it’s free of coronavirus germs.

Study these opportunities and make your wise decision.

1. Start a garden

Starting a garden is a great way to minimize on the stock you need to pick up at the store.

You don’t have to go and dig up your backyard to plant the seeds, there are ways to grow vegetables and fruits. Simply find a kit online and get started.

You will be greatful when you see the outcome of yummy vegetables and fruits after those online classes you have been taking.

2. Take an online class

Universities and colleges around the world have online classes you could take and now you have the time.

That online class could include learning a new language.

This will grant you an opportunity for an international vacation by the time this lockdown is over.

3. Start or perfect a hobby

You are at home with plenty of time on your hands and this is the time to either pick up your hobby or start a new one.

If you’ve been eager to learn how to play an instrument, you could order one online and find how it's played through videos on YouTube. 

Fender is also giving away three months of guitar lessons.

4. Start an online business

This is a great opportunity especially for University and college students. Also those who are in technical training institutes.

Being an Opera hub creator is great. Just be accustomed with news that are currently trending be it in Kenya or worldwide.

Then post to alert people on what is happening currently.

5. Become online teacher

Sign up to be an online teacher. The only thing is that you have to know how to speak English.

We have students from Asian countries who want to know how to speak English.Be ready, chat with them through what's up and be paid.

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