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Why Engineering Is Becoming Unpopular In Campus

Engineering is undoubtedly among the reputable traditional courses in Kenya from time independence. In the years that have passed, only a few people studied it as opposed to today. It is even a very good sign seeing women in the faculty.

However,we have to admit that a majority of students who passed their KCSE examinations avoid this degree. In short,it is gaining unpopularity and this is brought by many reasons. We have managed to point out some of them.

Firstly,the profession is flooded. This is a drawback since the job opportunities cannot accommodate everyone but only the lucky ones.Due to this many are left outside and forced to search any other job out there.

Secondly,Kenya is really advancing technologically and many development are being put in place. It is so disheartening to see that the workforce is sourced from outside Kenya. This discourages many graduates as they see no reason as to why they worked so hard and not being employed.

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