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"He Should Be Arrested" What a Teacher Did to Two Girls

Cyril Ngeresa Vihiga county resident wants justice to be done after this happened, "Am writing in relation to a child defilement in a school named Kitagwa PAG secondary school, vihiga county,Hamisi sub county,Jepkoyai location kitagwa village.

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A student impregnanted by a teacher ( a non trained teacher with no teaching experience nor tsc number, employed by the principal, who happens to be his father), The Victim happens to be Faith Aseyo, another victim currently missing from the school making the cases 2 both from one teacher. The name of the teacher is Paul Mahelo, the name of the principal is John Mahelo. Please do some follow up, the man is still comfortably Walking around the village while his victims are out of school. Cases reported severally but nothing done by local authority. Help us in the rescue of our Kitagwa Mixed Secondary School for the safety of the students". I think action should be taken immediately since this is against the Kenyan law, reply with your opinion.

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Cyril Ngeresa Vihiga Faith Aseyo Hamisi Jepkoyai John Mahelo


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