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We Need to Protect Your Invention, Nelson Havi Late Message to KU Students Gets Massive Support

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On Saturday 11th, a group of 16 students from Kenyatta University pursuing medicine, engineering, pharmacy and nursing unveiled a ventilator set to offer breathing aid to COVID-19 victims..

The ventilator prototype that goes for Ksh 500,000 is the first ever to be produced locally.

The students and their supervisors, Shadrack Mambo and Nicholas Gikonyo stated that 50 units can be made in a given week if the project is approved by the Ministry of Health.

The prototype was launched on Saturday by Betty Maina, the CS Industrialization and Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor, Paul Wainaina.

The project ignited happiness and hope in the Kenyan innovation system and gave Kenyans hope in the efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 and the ability to save lives.

COVID-19: Kenyatta University students make ventilators | Kenyan News

The Society of Kenya President, Nelson Havi in his late message via Twitter, requested the sixteen 'innovators' to get in touch with the law society.

Havi stated that the project needed protection from 'old youthful government officers who might claim ownership of the project.

"Could the 16 Kenyatta University students who have assembled 500,000 prototype medical ventilators quickly get in touch with us. We need to protect your invention before some of those 90 years old Youthful Government Officers deprive you of your right."

Despite Havi posting the message late at night, Kenyans were awake and flooded the comment section.

Check out;

@ndirangu_j: The protection of intellectual property rights is fundamental for innovative growth

@VoiceOfAPeasant: Kindly protect them!!!

@jeffkomonge: Rush to reach out to them yourself. They might not even know the procedure for doing this. Might even be aware you're looking for them. Do this soonest. This Kenya of ours is full of tenderpreneurs ad pawns.

Covid crisis drives Kenya's innovation - KBC | Kenya's Watching

@kamau_munywa: Though even in your field there are known hungry wolves await for such moments..

@mojabenjamin: Only that you need to move fast coz these "youthful guys" are also in our midst and they can really "cut corners.

@issachase2020: This is a very wise thought from you....not even the wazee I can tell you these big corporates in telco and media very manipulative.

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