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Remote And National Schools To Receive Gadgets Used For Online Classes

Schools in remote areas pass through several rough times as they try to equip learners with quality education just like the national schools found in the urban residential areas. Learners in the remote schools have something to fell happy about as they will now start having online classes which are purposed to ensure that they complete the syllabus in time and also get quality education.

On the on the other positive note this will help Curp the challenge to students and parents about the shortage of teachers of teachers in this schools. This will also give great hope to students learning in the remote schools that quality education is not only meant for learners in the national schools but also to every learner in Kenya schools.

Provision of online classes and materials used is a remarkable achievement to the government. It's now an urge to parents and care givers to ensure that their children attend this online classes for their education nourishment. Teachers will have more tasks on ensuring that their learners get equipped with knowledge of using the online classe gadgets.

In this year this marks the first time for national schools and remote schools to use same facilities since independence .

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