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Can CBC Solve Kenya's unemployment problem?

Despite the differences between the government and public regarding the current educational system that is still growing, it is likely that this system will be very important not only to the republic of kenya but also with time it will useful entirely in the rest of the world. Since this system enhances personal growth of an individual, a student will be able to learn various skills and be able to use them in day to day life.

A student is also able to specify in a field that his/her talent works well. As we speak we can testify it's importance as we have seen children day by day coming home with different skill and very encouraging desire to do their homework which needs a parent's guidance.

From this we can predict Kenya's position in it's production sector as in few years to come these children will be able to invest heavily using the available resources and in return will earn the government alot leading to robust economic of students making improvised ratings using bird feathers very interesting.

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