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Marketable And The Worst Courses In Kenya: Opinion

As you plan to join college or university for further studies, you have to plan your career wise which has a future in Kenya. Anyone aspiring to join college should be extra careful on which course to pursue at the university. Some of the marketable courses in kenya you think are popular may end up taking you nowhere. Sometimes it pays to do research to determine which course is trending in the job market and which one will be useless in the near future.Based on the current job market in Kenya, the following are the best and the worst course to study in.

Marketable Courses In Kenya

1. Software Engineering and Web Design

One of the most marketable courses in Kenya is software Engineering and Web Design. This is due to the growth of social media and the development of mobile apps have created opportunity for software engineers to find a place in Kenya. Web Designers also have several opportunities related to web design and management as several Kenyans opt to start websites to have their presence on the internet.

2. Medicine

Medicine has been and still remains the most marketable and paying course in the country.

3. Nursing and Pharmacy

These are the courses you cannot overlook when picking a nice course that would give you a better life in future.

4. Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce remains one of the most marketable courses in Kenya.

5. Quantity Survey

Quantity survey is wonderful, it’s rare and one of the few courses with graduates who are loaded that will make your rich as quickly as possible.

6. Electrical and Civil Engineering

These two courses are also marketable but Civil Engineering is better because it has more opportunities than Electrical Engineering.

7. Statistics

Statistics is both marketable at undergraduate and Masters Level. The professionals in this career are well paid and it’s rare to find a statistics graduate being jobless.

8. Architecture/Structural Engineering

The two courses go hand in hand and they are regarded as the best in the Kenyan job market. There are several wonderful opportunities for Architectures and Structural Engineers in Kenya.

9. GIS and Remote Sensing

This is a rare course in Kenya which you should do everything to pursue. It’s so marketable that any graduate spotted with the qualifications is offered a job without applying for one.

10. Information Technology

With the rise in the internet use, institutions are hiring qualified IT graduates. Also one can open his website for publishing which is well paying.

Worst Course In Kenya

Below is a list of some of the courses which have received low number of applicants.

Bachelor of Science in:

1. Music

2. Conservative Biology

3. Environmental Education

4. Recreation and leisure management

5. Exercise and Sport Science

6. Crop improvement and Protection

7. Physical Education

8. Arts in Gender and Development

9. Library and Information Science

10. Community Resource Management

11. Leather Technology

12. Meteorology

13. Management of Agro-Ecosystem and Environment

14. Anthropology.

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