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"Sasa Mpe Wheelbarrow" Jobless Kenyans Tells Boni Khalwale As His Daughter Graduates From UON

The former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale found faced a hard time in the hands of jobless Kenyans after he posted the photo of his daughter who was graduating. The frustrated Kenyans wanted the former Senator to sure them that he will give his daughter who just graduated with a Bachelor of Actuarial Science(Upper-Class Division) a wheelbarrow that he kept on preaching to Kenyans. They demanded Khalwale to give a clear explanation on the same.

"Today is great! Inger Imbuhila Khalwale graduates with a Bachelor of Actuarial Science(Upper Second Class) University of Nairobi. Mama Fina Umina Khalawale and I thank God, Kakamega Hill Junior School, Malinya Primary School, Limuru High School, and UON for our daughter's 18 years journey, Khalawale tweeted.

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Many jobless Kenyans who responded to his tweet were eager to know whether Dr. Khalawale will now be willing to give his daughter Wheelbarrow to start hustling with because they maintained "Kazi ni kazi" Some of the comments from Khalwale's tweet were; thank you Daktari, you can now give her Wheelbarrow to start hustling with. Other responses read; why would you educate your daughter to master's level, but on the other side, you hoodwink Kenyans by giving them Wheelbarrow?

Kenyans were angry with Ruto and his close allies who are cheating Kenyans by offering Wheelbarrow as their children and next of kin are swinging in wealth and good education.

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