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How To Overcome The Self Created Prison Of Failure

Zipporah used to be one of my very best friends since when we used to be in our lower primary. Despite the fact that she used to be at top of our class and me the exact opposite, our friendship was never shaken by this mere fact that our academics were too valleys apart.

Jealous was unheard of as I remember that sometimes I used to help Zipporah carry some of her awards during closing days, and as such times you could honestly find that I had tailed in my class if not almost tailing.

Life though was never such smooth as sometimes Zipporah could get such comments from friends question our friendship, some even went to the extent of advising her against my company as this could cause her grades to deteriorate arguing that one is made up of the character of their friends.

Despite all this Zipporah was like a role model to me, she could tell me all the stories of hatred that some students used to tell, we could love over this and soon forget. It was one of those friendship that is rare to find nowadays.

Two years passed and soon we were in class six. Not to forget our class was made up of sixty three students, so let it be understood that when I say I used to tail my class I used to be position sixty three. It such humiliating, truly I never noticed this until class six, it was at this time that I realized that all is not well. I approached my friend Zipporah and this time not to story but to have a serious educational soul searching. Zipporah was indeed a true friend I remember how she told me that she, after school, how she would spend a good part of the night revising.

I came to realize that I had also used to sleep immediately after supper, sometimes not doing my homework only to come and copy Zipporah in the morning. After our discussion that day I changed my style of spending the night. Trust me at the end of that term I had dramatically improved in my grades and was at top thirty. This motivated me more and further strengthened our friendship with Zipporah, we could save some minutes and revise after school and to cut the long story short at the end of my final primary school I was second In my class. Let my story inspire you that no situation is permanent and whenever you choose friends choose friends of substance and as a friend m, honesty is the best virtue.

By Josphat Mokua Nyagechanga

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