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Thursday Varsity Staffs' Payrise Shocker

The Government has been adamant in increasing pay for its workers.This is due to the high wage bill orchestrated by the huge salaries paid to the Government employees.The hard economic times that the country is going through has haulted the salaries of some employees.

Just recently,the Government through SRC Chairperson Lyn Mengich said that the teachers and civil servants would not get any pay hike soon until the elapse of two years.However,this will only be possible if the economy recovers.

Yesterday,the varsity staff woke up to some good news about their new salaries.UASU officials announced that the treasury has released money for this new pay.This brought some joy to the affected lot of the workers who are majorly the teaching staff.

Today,there are bad reports to this group of employees at the Universities.The Standard Newspaper has reported that these employees will be paid as per their courses that they handle at the institutions of higher learning.This will mean that those handling the more technical courses such as Engineering are likely to be paid better than their colleagues.This is however likely to cause uproar among the UASU leaders.

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