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Teachers Salary Increment: Union Now Hints At Going to Court Over SRC Verdict on New Salaries

Teachers across the country have endured tough times for along time.They had kept on going on strikes in order to have better pay amongst other demands.Until now, the teachers through unions are still yearning for better working conditions with harmonised remuneration.

Last year, teachers missed narrowly in getting their new salaries under new CBA.A few weeks to July last year, SRC dashed teachers' hopes for getting increased pay.SRC said that there was no money to pay teachers.At the end, the unions ended up signing a non monetary CBA with TSC that saw increased days for maternity leave of up to 120 days.Teachers ended up being bitter with union officials.

Seemingly, unions are still determined to push it hard.Just the other day, a section of Kuppet officials urged the president to help solve the teachers' AON medical insurance.As if not enough, Kuppet has hinted at going to court to challenge SRC decision to deny them salary increment, allowances and promotions.Will the unions succeed?

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