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School Administrators in Fear as Ministry of Education to Undertake Audit of Personal Property

The government of Kenya has been so keen in the way schools handle their financial deposits, as they look into the actual projects done on the ground vurses the actual costs of the same projects.

The government reportedly selected officials from the Ministry of Education who have been on the ground for the past three years, and the reports outlined might lead some Kenyan schools into unending jeopardy.

Audit reports put that their has been misappropriation of school funds ever since the free secondary school education program started more than fifteen years ago, and some of the school administrators have been taking advantage of lack of thorough investigation and audit to loot the school funds meant for school projects.

The most recent 100% transition and the ongoing CBC program has exposed majority of the school managers, who have used school funds and property to build mansions, rental homes and even take their children to private universities to do courses of their choices.

These faulty behaviors has come to the knowhow of the Ministry, and it is just a matter of time that they face the axe of dire consequences. Some have reportedly sought premature transfers so as to cover up the evidence, but they could not hide from anything. The evidences are already clear and displayed on the walls in indelible ink.

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