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KCSE 2021 students should consider these immediately after joining campus

As students prepare to join various universities in Kenya in the coming months, they should be aware of these key consideration which will see them complete their studies. They include;

Avoid drugs at all costs, they will kill your academic life

Every student at campus should be probably knowing this. If you are addicted to them, it is high time for you to start looking for mechanisns of doing away with the norm. If you are not using them, then avoid them at all costs.

Attend all lectures

There’s a common norm in most campuses of students missing lecturers for no reasons. However, sometimes students may have a justifiable reason to miss classes, they should always try to attend lecturer. Even those lessons that students think are boring are often useful during exams.

Do not spend money on things you don’t need it

This should be a rule to any student. It will keep you going by spending wisely while at the campus. Just avoid spending on luxuries that you can’t afford. For instance going to parties you can’t afford and buying jewelry or outfits just to impress your friends. The consequence is suffering at the end.

Make new good friends

For you to properly survive in campus you have to have friends or atleast people that know you. This goes down to your personality. Having a good relationship with people helps you create connections that will benefit you during your stay at the campus.

If it's a must to party then do it responsibly

Of course you won’t be studying all through since there are times you will need to go out and have fun maybe with friends. In most cases, in campus every day seems a party day. If there is need to go to a party, go out and have fun.

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